Welcome to Reception

At St Peter’s Primary School, in the Early Years Foundation Stage, the staff work together towards a shared vision. We want our children to be happy confident, well rounded individuals with a love for learning. We believe in providing all children with a safe and stimulating environment that builds on each individual’s wants, needs and interests. We are committed to a Christian lifestyle; encouraging children to receive Christ into their hearts and minds.

We aim for the children at St Peter’s to be:

  • Happy, secure and to feel safe
  • Independent, self-assured risk takers
  • Confident and resilient
  • Excited and motivated to learn
  • Socially strong and able to form positive relationships
  • Ready for Year 1 and to access the national curriculum confidently.
  • Have a wide vocabulary so that they can flourish academically

Your teachers are Mrs Carter (Monday and Tuesday) and Mrs Moreton (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.)

Our very important classroom assistants are Mrs Dewis, Miss Power and Miss White.

Mrs Moreton & Mrs Carter

Here you will find lots of information about the exciting learning that will be taking place both indoors and outdoors this term.

Click here for our long term plan for 2022-23…

Here are some photographs of our classroom!

We follow the Ruth Miskin ‘ReadWriteInc’ phonics scheme in Foundation Stage. We place great emphasis on learning to read (and write) in our Reception Class – and is it the foundation to learning in so many areas as the children grow. We want them all to have a really strong start.

Your support at home is essential – we always bring home books that matched with our phonics level and we ask all children to read at home at least 3 times a week (every day is best!)

Visit the Ruth Miskin website where you will find lots of useful parent resources that you could use at home. Please click on the link below to access the website. If you have any questions, please come and chat to us! We also run a ‘parents information’ meeting for phonics, in the autumn term, once our new children have settled in.

We’d also love to see you at our ‘family phonics’ sessions!

An introduction to Read Write Inc for parents

  • We use White Rose Mathematics in order to encourage mathematical awareness and understanding through enjoyable, game based learning.
  • We aim to give children a secure foundation in mathematics and ensure they’re prepared for Year 1 with a selection of creative, free-flow, and adult-led activities and games. We focus on concrete or ‘doing’ maths before moving to representational and abstract mathematics.