Catholic Life At St Peter’s Primary School

We are a family at St Peter’s and together we nurture and value our friendly and supportive ethos within the school. The school seeks to foster and encourage a Christian atmosphere and promote the Catholic Faith and a love of God. Our children are encouraged to live out their faith in everything they do.

We believe that we are a family who share the values needed to make us well rounded people who show kindness and compassion. We draw on God’s strength to guide us through our school days and we celebrate our successes. We regularly enhance our Christian lives by working together on a common goal, sometimes in groups, sometimes in classes and sometimes as a whole school. Many of these events follow the liturgical year, but others are motivated by special occasions organised within our diocese or Catholic Multi Academy Trust (CMAT). We also encourage our children to think about people less fortunate than ourselves and we respond to world events.

“The overall effectiveness of the Catholic life of the school and its provision for community cohesion are outstanding. St. Peter’s is a welcoming inclusive school where everyone is valued as a creation of God formed in His own image and likeness. The Mission of the school is a lived reality where God is at the Heart of St. Peter’s School.”

(Section 48, Denominational Inspection Report, 2015)

Charitable Work By Our Pupils

Our children at St. Peter’s are committed to carrying out charitable acts that benefit the wider community. Many of these are instigated by the children themselves and are carried out by them during their own time outside of school. So far this academic year we have seen children giving food to the homeless and raising money for organised charities through sponsorship and taking part in organised events like fun runs.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement is prominently displayed in our Welcome Area. It serves as a constant reminder that ’God is at the heart of our school.’ The Mission Statement is displayed in every classroom. The children in each class have made a commitment to actively ‘live’ our Mission Statement throughout our school lives.

Mission Statement Core Values Day

Each year we have a Core Values Day where the whole school joins together to explore the values that make up our Mission Statement. This work has included visiting the local nursing home, older children helping younger children learn new skills and the creation of displays. At the end of each Core values Day we come back together as a whole school for a special celebration assembly.

Chaplaincy Team

Our Chaplaincy Team is led by our school Chaplain, Mrs. Connor. They work very hard helping to promote and develop the Catholic Life within our school, from launching our new school prayer to outstanding charitable work for may worthwhile causes. Please click on the link below to find out more about the amazing things that they do.

The Coronation of King Charles III 6th May 2003

To commemorate the historic coronation of King Charles III, Cardinal Vincent Nichols who is  President of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales has issued a prayer to be prayed for 3 days leading up to the coronation. We would like to share that prayer with you. Please click on the link to open the full size prayer card.

Prayer Card Coronation Of King Charles V2

Special Act of Worship Asking God to Help Guide the Newly Crowned King Charles III

Years 1 and 3 held a special Act of Collective Worship for the Coronation of King Charles. In the Act of Worship the children thought about the newly crowned king will, like the late Queen Elizabeth II, use the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Bible to help him guide and the lead the people for whom he is the sovereign. The children prayed to God and asked him to help King Charles III rule, guide and lead with justice, compassion and fairly.

Ukranian Aid

We collected blankets, toiletries and dried food to send to the people of Ukraine.

Samaritan’s Purse ‘Operation Christmas Child’ Shoebox Appeal

Each year we collect shoeboxes for the Samaritan’s Purse charity. The shoeboxes are packed with small gifts and shared with children around the world who would not receive anything. A simple shoebox gift packed with love and fuelled by prayer can have a huge impact which is why we like to donate to this cause each year.

Year 1 Carol Singing

As part of their RE work Year 1 made Christingles. When they had made these they travelled around the school carol singing.

School Choir ‘Carols After School’ for Parents

Our school choir works hard on learning new songs, and they represent our school at different events including Menphys. They decided to put on a performance of carols they had been learning, and all parents of our school family were invited to attend. The event was very well supported by lots of members of our school community.

Year 2 Advent Promises

As part of their RE work Year 2 created their own Advent Promises Advent calendar. Each day was a simple task for the children to complete so that they could shine Jesus’ light and show His love throughout Advent. Tasks ranged from helping out at home, remembering to say “thank you” and being kind towards others.

Book of Condolence Marking the Death of Queen Elizabeth II

As a school we created a Book of Condolence to mark the passing of Queen Elizabeth II. Each class had their own page where children added their own pictures and messages. When we had completed the book we sent it to the Royal Family at Buckingham Palace. In January 2023 we received a card from King Charles III thanking the school for the book and for their thoughts.

Achievement Assemblies

Each month we have an Achievement Assembly where our children have the opportunity to share the things that they have achieved outside of school. This could be something they have achieved in a sports club, or dance lessons, or in learning a new skill – anything at all! We feel that it is important that our children have the opportunity to share these achievements with each other and have them celebrated. We also celebrate kindness at this assembly when a child is presented with the Cup of Kindness for an act of kindness that have been nominated for. Nominations can come from staff in school, other children or even from people outside of school. Below are some images from some of our recent Achievement Assemblies.

Cup of Kindness

In our Achievement Assemblies, the Cup of Kindness is awarded to the child who has shown outstanding kindness. Nominees are suggested by teachers and grown-up’s who have spotted them engaging in kind acts which go above and beyond the everyday kindness that is shown around the school. We feel that kindness is something to be celebrated as it demonstrates us living out the Word of Jesus.