When dropping off / picking up your children, please avoid parking across driveways and on the zig-zag lines outside school. Inconsiderate parking causes disruption to others, poses a danger to children crossing the road and obstructs the flow of traffic.

7.45am – Breakfast club starts. For any families in need of wraparound care, you can book these sessions on Parent Pay. A selection of cereals, toast and fruit are on offer to ensure your child has the best start to their school day.

8:35am – A bell will ring and a member of staff will be on duty in the Infant playground. This is usually a member of the senior management team with Mr. Phillips. There is no supervision outside until this time.

8:45am – School begins. Children will line up in their classes and their teacher will walk them to their classroom.

9:00am – On Mondays the children gather in the hall for assemblies and collective worship. Mrs. White, our head teacher, delivers assemblies based on the liturgical year on Mondays.

10:30am – 10:45am Morning break. There is an option for your child to have a slice of toast, this is payable via Parent Pay.

12:00pm – Lunch, although Reception Class & KS1 filter into the dining hall slightly earlier.

1:00pm – Afternoon school begins.

3:15pm – School finishes. Reception Class & Class 1 are dismissed from their classroom doors. Class 2 are walked around to the top playground by their teacher and handed over to parents. Class 4 and 5 are walked around to the top playground by their teacher and handed over to parents at the little wooden gate. Class 6 are walked to the middle gate by their class teacher and handed over to parents there.

3.15pm – 5.15pm – Afterschool club is held in our school hall. Here the children can unwind and play. A light snack of fruit and toast is offered.