Online access is now an integral part of life and an essential part of your child’s future. Our emphasis is therefore to educate children and parents in the safe use of the internet.

We use some excellent resources to teach the children about safe practice and we constantly encourage them to report inappropriate contact to an adult. It is important for us to work closely with parents as control in the home is essential. The links below offer excellent support to parents.

Many children access social networking sites as early as Year 4. By the end of Year 5 we are aware that children are using email, instant messaging, social media and online gaming communication. This puts them at risk from outside influences and each other.

In school all children access the internet via our school ‘Google for education’ account. This is very safe and can be accessed from home. All children from Year 3 upwards have individual school email addresses and they know how to access their account.

If you have a concern about the online activity of your child, the links below will provide advice. If you would like our support, please don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Coghlan at the email address below. If you are worried about your child’s activity or the activity of others, evidence is a very important part of our intervention. Please collect screenshots and email them to Mrs. Coghlan. Incidents will be treated as urgent and dealt with immediately.

Useful links