We are following the ‘White Rose’ Maths scheme. Through ‘White Rose’ the children have lots of opportunities to delve deeper into problem solving and reasoning using a range of different methods and techniques, which enables them to develop a real mastery of Maths.

During this second half term of Year 1 we shall start by continuing to look at mathematical concepts such as addition and subtraction whilst using numbers from 0 to 10. The children will be focusing on learning their number bonds to 10, and looking at how these can help them solve simple number problems. During the first week the children will get logins to the Numbots app, which is a specially designed online game all around helping the children develop and consolidate their knowledge and understanding of number bonds to 10, and of solving simple addition and subtraction problems. Their login details will be sent home so that the children can access the app at home.

Towards the end of this half term we shall also be taking a look at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes. We shall be exploring similarities and differences between shapes, and also how these shapes can be found all around us in every day life.

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