Our aspiration for learners at St Peter’s:

In a world of fast moving innovation and technological advancement it’s essential for us to prepare our young people for a life which embraces technology. There is no doubt that online communication is here to stay and it’s important to harness this potential in a safe, controlled environment.

At St. Peter’s we follow a scheme of work which gradually builds skills from Reception to Year 6, delivering lessons both as discreet computing lessons and as a tool across the whole curriculum. Our long and medium term planning enables pupils to to meet the end of Key Stage Attainment targets outlined in the national Curriculum. As our planning is linked to the delivery of RSE (Relationship and Sex Education) and PSHE (Personal, Social and Health Education) in the school, we are also satisfying the objectives within the DfE’s ‘Education for a Connected World framework’.

All children have access to their own ‘Google for Education’ area where they can carry out research, complete projects, use email and store their files in ‘the cloud’. The children can access this area from any internet enabled device both at school and at home. This system has the added facility of file sharing, making it possible for a group of children to work collaboratively on the same task. At school they access their account from Chromebooks and Ipads which are used in the classrooms rather than a dedicated ‘computer suite’. In this way the devices have become an integral part of daily teaching as they are in everyday life. We intend for pupils not only to be digitally competent and have a range of transferrable skills at a suitable level for the future workplace, but also to be responsible online citizens.