Collective Worship in Action

Act of Collective Worship Commemorating The Death of Queen Elizabeth II

The children took part in this act of collective worship following the passing of the late Queen. During the worship we thanked God for the life of Queen Elizabeth II and for her service to her people. We wrote a class prayer for the worship. Our mission was to create pictures of Queen Elizabeth II which we put into a book of condolence.

Act of Collective Worship for All Saints Day

A group of Year 1 children planned and delivered an act of collective worship for the rest of the class. In the act of worship we thought about some of the different saints and what made them so special. Our mission was to find out about another saint at home.

Praying The Rosary

We joined with our friends from the Mark 10 Mission to find out all about praying the Rosary. With Greg we discovered that we say the Rosary to Mary in May and October. During the act of worship we learnt to say the ‘Hail Mary.’ Our mission following the act of worship was to make a poster reminding us to pray the Rosary to Mary.

Whole School Christmas Worship

We joined with the rest of the school in the local church to share in an act of collective worship celebrating the birth Jesus and the wonder of Christmas.